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Influencer Marketing

with the influencer in mind.


Pre-Formatted Shares

We save you time by pre-formatting a share for you. Just customize and send.

Scheduled Sharing

Share your posts at the exact day and time of your choosing. No limits or premium plans.

Lucrative Campaigns

Earn thousands each month with near unlimited campaigns to choose from.

How Swaayed Works.

Getting going is easy.

Add Interests

Select up to 8 interests. You’ll be invited to campaigns related to these topics.

Set Sharing Schedule

Choose the days and times you would like to schedule shares to be sent.

Share Posts

When a campaign that matches your interests becomes available, we’ll display it in your feed. Customize the post and select which platforms you would like to share.

Manage Your Calendar

Manage organic and sponsored content with our visual calendar. Drag-and-drop shares for consistent, easy sharing.

Track Performance

Track your share’s performance, including earnings, in real time.

Get Paid

Earned money is held in your wallet until you want to withdraw it to your bank account. Stripe handles the payment transfers securely.

Best of all, it's FREE.

Premium sharing tools others charge for.

World class brand partnerships.

Detailed social analytics.